Property Tax

When advising clients about ways to reduce the tax burden on their properties, our law firm considers all the tools in the wheelhouse, such as:

Bluestone Law Group helps clients reduce the real estate burden assessed on commercial, industrial, warehouse, manufacturing and residential properties. Our services include representing clients in appeals of their real property valuations to reduce their tax burdens by challenging the county’s valuation, receiving reductions and refunds; and assisting clients with real estate tax reduction strategies. We represent clients in informal discussions with County Auditors throughout the State of Ohio. Our firm also represents clients in more formal proceedings before the county Boards of Revision, the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals, and Common Pleas Courts.

Do you need to appeal your property tax valuation?

Increasingly complex real estate tax laws, and complex procedures and requirements for appealing a county’s real estate valuation, make it exceedingly important to have an experienced attorney to assist you throughout the process from the initial filing of the complaint to presenting your case before the county Board of Revision, Board of Tax Appeals, or Ohio courts. Our goal is to have our clients pay the correct amount of taxes based upon their property’s fair market value.

There are many grounds for appealing your real estate tax valuation:

  • COVID-19 pandemic impacts
  • Changes in market conditions: rising interest rates, declining sales prices, etc.
  • Tax exemptions for private and charter schools, religious groups, charitable organizations, and child care / daycare centers
  • Damaged or destroyed property

There are also multiple ways of working constructively with the real estate tax authorities:

  • Informal value review and negotiations during re-appraisal years
  • Stipulations of value
  • Hearings before the county Board of Revision (BOR)
  • Appeals to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals (BTA)

Our experienced attorneys can help you control your property tax expenses.
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